Amy Nicole


Amy Nicole Dimancescu, is a successful abstract resin artist on the rise in Las Vegas. Her very unique resin art can be seen all around Las Vegas and will soon be popping up in other cities. Nicole is known for her larger than life abstracts that display a rich symphony of colors, textures, depth, and flow. Nicole started working with resin in 2016 and its unique style is taking her art to a new level. Nicole says that “resin is like me, it has a life and mind of its own and clear ideas of where it wants to go. It’s strong minded like myself,” but the challenge and skill level it takes to create these paintings are what she loves. She loves to push herself  to see what kind of unique magic she can make. She says, “art is my passion and my life. There’s nothing more fulfilling than putting everything you have into a piece that can sometimes take weeks and then standing back and feeling intensity of its presence. It is a labor of love and then having someone be able to connect with it and see and feel exactly what I wanted them to see is the best feeling in the world, there is nothing like it.” Nicole’s newest collection is inspired by geodes and crystals and is by
far her favorite collection to date. “Nature is one of the most mazing creators and being able to incorporate real crystals in the resin and make it an actual art piece is so amazing and a rare outcome.”