Cristina Paulos

Cristina Paulos


Cristina Natsuko Paulos grew up in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. She relocated to Las Vegas in 2002. She received her BFA from the (CALarts) California Institute of the Arts in the animation program in 2006. As an artist, she incorporates various techniques from her animation studies and applies them to her work creating impressions of movement. Her work focuses on that of mirror twin character and work based on life and female archetypes, as well as portraiture and imagery and subject matter drawn from life. Her work is focused on surrealist storytelling and often uses the media of painting, comic-illustration, puppetry, and animation.

Paulos’ works as a professional artist, painter, puppet artist, art teacher and is a published illustrator.


“My artwork derives from life, vulnerability, juxtaposed with the cartoon surreal world,” says Paulos. “My goal is to reveal the marks and capture the articles we often remove from ourselves and in our personal identities whether in cartoon form or from life, of the perception. These would include our flaws, our uncomfortableness and our explorations of our own vulnerabilities when truly, completely naked, apart from our bodies and form. Oftentimes, I use my own vulnerability and emotional journey in my work. I hope to show strength in vulnerability by using emotional driven approaches to art marking. I use materials such as: loose graphite, charcoal, acrylics, watercolor and gouache, sumi inks, dyes, on paper/handmade papers, canvas and fabric. I hope to create work which shows the organic foundations of humanness.”

Woman and her guitar

18 “ x 24” Oil paint, dye, pastel and charcoal on paper *limited giclee print signed  featured
16” x 20” $100

Triad: 3 men in prayer


5ft x 4ft Oil paint, gold leaf, charcoal, acrylic paint on watercolor paper limited giclee print signed with gold leaf featured, 16” x 20”  $200

In the Moment, Male on a Motorcycle


20" X 30" paint, dye, watercolor, graphite on illustration board

Man in Fur


3ft X 8ft Oil paint, dye, graphite, gold dust on canvass

F*cking capable, drawing


24” x 33” Acrylic paint, dye, ink, charcoal on watercolor paper *Available in limited giclee print

Pink: Blush of Woman


27" x 33" paint, graphite, pastel dye on paper

The Abyss of Pattern Beneath: Male


18" X 24" Acrylic paint, watercolor, dye, and graphite on canvass

Cabaret #2 Brazillan Starlet


16" X 20" Watercolor, dye, ink on watercolor paper

The opposite poles of orange and blue, mirror twin series


20” x 30”  Acrylic paint, dye, ink, pastel, on watercolor paper *Available in limited giclee print

Ascending in Grey: Male


18" x 24", mixed media on paper, *limited giclee print signed available

Guarded, Male


20" X 16" paint, dye, and graphite on canvass



12" X 12" Acrylic paint, charcoal, dye, pastel, and graphite on paper