Edy Seaver

Edy Seaver

Edy Seaver is a second generation Los Angeleno. Her life has been an adventure of left brain verses right brain, traveling from the corporate world to the artistic. Her art encompasses the environment around her and takes it to the abstract with rich colors, textures and intuitive markings. She feels that the purpose of her work is to help the viewer take a pause and wander into secret spaces of the mind.


Window By Seaver

Stop and Go

Stop And Go By Seaver

Pieces of Me

Pieces Of Me By Seaver

Homeless in LA

Homeless In La By Seaver

This Moment

This Moment By Seaver


Splash By Seaver


Loophole By Seaver


Establishment By Seaver


Sunrise By Seaver

Secret Place

Secret Place By Seaver


Kinetic By Seaver

Calling of Your Heart

Calling Of Your Heart By Seaver