Eva Montealegre


A vast collection of Eva's work was featured at the ART DEPOT GALLERY for a SOLO EXHIBIT sponsored by the city of Fontana. Many new paintings were revealed. Presently, you can see Montealegre's work at ART2art District 5464 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036 on the Miracle Mile. All you have to do is call and book a time and get directions. 323-970-9393 is the gallery phone number to make an appointment.

Montealegre is a featured artist sharing her Deep Series in Art and Beyond Magazine, the July/August issue. Her large paintings: It's Alright, 44" x 70" oil on canvas and Blu Moon 54" x 96" silver and oil on canvas, were on display at Memorial Hospital in Ventura through October 2018 and available for purchase. In 2017 Eva's work was featured at Bergamot's Beyond The Lines Gallery. She has been featured in three different shows including the popular exhibit, CAPTURED MOMENTS, THE WILD SHOW, and a live mural painting exhibit.



Montealegre's studio oversees a wildlife conservancy, providing her with a view of the Santa Monica mountains who's wild creatures Montealegre delights in painting. Eva often goes for long walks and has encounters with the wildlife.  She sometimes meditates for days at a time before one of her painting streaks. Her LUMINOSITY series was a focus of meditation for a year before she created the first painting.  The LUMINOSITY series has been very successful - many original paintings of this series have been collected all over America.


“I am blessed in that I live my life nestled in the bosom of mother nature and yet I have interaction with actors, dancers, writers, and other creative people that are a part of my natural community.  My intention as an artist is to create a dance of color and form that manifests in a dreamlike conveyance of everything from whimsy to drama. An iconic or an energetic flow, a spiritual is-ness, and sometimes even an explosion is conveyed. This intense style of painting allows me to create a transubstantial truth, energetic veracity.  My artistic influences include my painting instructor, Robert Kingston, but I have had other teachers. Sometimes I have been lucky enough to have personal, private time being instructed and experiencing exchanges with these artists. I found this to be extremely advantageous and a wonderful enhancement of any formal school training. I admire the work of the great masters including the original cave painters which modern archeologists say were women as well as the contemporary artist, Kiki Smith. Many reference my work to Green, Bartow, Scholder & Bacon. I enjoy creating community events that incorporate visual art with other artistic art forms and even science. I love working with both children and adults.



30" X 40"

Seascape 5


40" X 56"

Deep Vein 1


35" X 46"

Party Queen


56" x 40"

Seascape 7


40" x 56"

Rivers & Bodies of Water 8


40" X 56"

Blu Moon


96" x 54"

Ancient Habitat Two


36" x 24"

Spirit Horse

Spirit Horse

36" x 45"

It's Allright


44" X 70"

Deep Vein 3


45" X 36"

Bear Spirit


50" x 50"