Jacob Ebriani

Jacob Ebrriani

"For me, making art is a spiritual act."

About the Artist

For Jacob Ebriani, making art is a spiritual act, an intimate conversation between a man and his God. Jacobʼs paintings are meditations that explore elemental themes underlying the material world. Sur-naturalism, his signature technique, transcends surrealism with dreamlike insights into fundamental workings of nature and the human spirit.

Jacob grew up in Tehran surrounded by the sounds of Sufi poetry and mūsīqī-e sonnatī — Persian classical music. Selected as an artistʼs assistant when he was just ten years old, Jacob began to transpose that aural tradition into a visual context. While his instrument is a brush, his canvases have the narrative quality of songs, or poems. But it was Sufi mysticism, the intoxicating dance with the divine that guided poets like Rumi and Hafez, that fundamentally shaped his work. “The mystical side of the mind is very close to music,” says Jacob, “to a beautiful painting.”

Pursuing deeper truths, Jacob strove to paint directly from the soul.“When you come to realize what is real is beyond the physical, mystical experience becomes so important. Itʼs part of life — like food. If you donʼt have it every day, something is missing.” He developed his sur-natural approach in order to disconnect himself from physical, relative concerns and work in an almost dreamlike state, accessing deeper levels of awareness.

Rather than rendering subjects literally, Jacob acts as a translator, distilling spiritual themes to their essential forms through the use of mystical image.

Tree of Love




Insight Soul


Red Umbrella

Red Umbrella

Tree of Life


Land of The Spirit


Highway to Heaven


Quest For Beauty

Quest For Beauty

The Lonely Night


Jazz Impression


Blessed By God 1

BlessedbyGod 1

Waiting For Sunset

Waiting For Sunset