Leonardo Moral


The majority of my educational background has been completed in Chicago, Illinois.  These consisted of my undergraduate study in Mechanical Engineering and earning the bachelor’s degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1982.  Upon graduation, I was hired by Motorola, Inc. which was located in Schaumburg, Illinois.  During my professional career, I completed two graduate studies where I received my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering (from University of Illinois at Chicago) and later my Master’s in Business Administration (from Roosevelt University).

I have always been interested in art and have a great appreciation for it.  The marketing course work involve studying various art techniques and how it is widely used.

I currently reside in Las Vegas starting in 2006.  In seeing several of my paintings, two people have commissioned me to paint 3 x 4 feet paintings for them.  I have also painted several portraitures of friends and family these past two years.

I love ballroom dancing and is currently dancing with friends at Stoney’s and at Firefly.  I have a great appreciation for ballerinas as I have had many times danced with ballerinas in Salsa clubs.  This can be seen in many of my ballerina paintings.

I love the painting styles of Gustav Klimt, Banksy, Monet, Degas and Jackson Pollack which can be seen in the majority of my works.