Robb Rocket

Robb Rocket


ROBB ROCKET is an eccentric, Self-proclaimed "FREEBROW" Artist, who’s influences are wide ranging. From mid-century -pop-culture, burlesque, hot rod & tiki, to contemporary street, and comic art. Rockets influences can be recognized in much of his work, “I like strange, quirky art and that’s what I do” he says, using what ever style or medium, that seems like the most fun for each piece, with endless possibilities for growth.”

Feeling his abilities are a “Gift from Above.” He has put-to-use and cherished his artistic talent almost daily since childhood.

Rocket received a degree with honors from Al Collins Graphic Design School in 1991. While in school and after graduating he did freelance graphic and T-shirt design for several years.

In 1994 upon returning to the four corners from Mesa AZ, he put his skills to work doing custom paint jobs in the Hot Rod and Chopper world for many years.

Most recently, residing in Las Vegas, NV. Robb Rocket works in conjunction with his wife and art partner Roswell out of their Retro Mod Studio and has decided to concentrate on works that are more personal and adhere to his “Vision of GROOVYNESS” as he puts it. “Art is my mind's little sanctuary, where I go to let my creativity gleam the plant.” Rocket still takes on commissions in paint, sculpture, design and illustration, done in the skillsets he strives to perfect with his stylized twist.

1 Vader Rides Again



Eyeland Island


16X20 inches

Peace Out Sunset


16X20 inches

The Alien Gal that Saved Our World


12X16 inches

Flyball Universe


16X20 inches

Robot Crazy



Return of the War of the Worlds


30X40 inches

Sin D Rella



Flying Purple People Eater


24X36 inches

Rockin Scoob


16X20 inches

Shroorm Buggy


12X15 inches

The Altered


24X36 inches