Tina Roswell Farrow


Tina Farrow was born 1970 in Roswell, NM. Hence, her Art Name "ROSWELL" where is she is recognized in the world of art. A Mixed- Media artist best known for Mid-Century Modern 50's-60's meets Contemporary / Abstract. Creating and using recycled mid-century elements and design from the old era. Roswell brings a new stylistic twist to abstract forms creating wall sculptures through her experiments. She is also known for her cityscapes in similar style forms.

Roswell moved to several states growing up, taking in many visual experiences. She studied art in Albuquerque NM in the late 90's where she lived 23 years. Worked as an commission artist until 2010, moved to the four corners area of Farmington, NM. Met her Husband and art partner Robb Rocket until they recently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada as of January 2020.

 Taken in by her early travels she was fascinated and inspired by Googie style Vegas signs and city lights, Mid- Century architecture, and Eames furniture designs. This brings Roswell to her award-winning success and recognition as an artist.

She quotes: “I wish to bring my unusual Roswell (Allenesque) experiments and designs to Las Vegas, NV and all its surrounding states. “

 Looking forward to new experiences and adventure in her new surroundings, she is excited to expand her clientele and art collectors.



Single Panel

Orbital 3

Two Panels

Side and Front View 24X48 inches

Over the Water

24X36 inches

24X36 inches


12X12 incges

12X12 inches

Space Dust 3

Two Panels 12X24 inches Each

Three Panels 12X24 Inches Each

Atomic Blast

18X24 inches

18X24 Inches

Celestial Blue

41X42 inches

41X42 inches

NY Times Ad



Orbital 2

Two Panels

Front and Side View 24X48 inches

Tangerine Dream

30X40 inches

30X40 inches

Atomic Twinkle

18X24 inches

18X24 inches

Day Dreaming Shapes


8X8 inches