Susan Squarey


Susan Squarey is a Las Vegas-based artist hailing from Newfoundland, Canada, a picturesque island in the North Atlantic.

She is a self-taught artist and poet who likes to explore personal, popular and political themes through her collages.

At her Art 2 Art studio, Susan has four major collections on display.

Her first series, Buddhism, is a Norman Rockwell-inspired look at Buddhist themes like personal growth, the passage of time, and our quest for understanding and meaning, all told through visual metaphors like children, windows, watches, and butterflies.  (Susan is a practitioner, and soon to be therapist, of a 4,000+ year-old body of Traditional Chinese Medicine called Medical Qigong.)  

Susan’s second and third series, the Gustav Klimpt-inspired Verklempt and Romare Bearden-inspired Not Dead Yet, tell a more personal story.  Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy, surgical, and radiation treatments during that first series, incorporating visuals like healthy blood cells to rally her strength and determination.  Immediately after finishing treatment, Susan’s carpe diem, lust-for-life series, Not Dead Yet, was borne.  It began with “Holla,” a piece in which Susan literally cried out her joy to the world.  

Susan’s current, as-yet unnamed fourth series is a Marc Chagall-inspired set of works resembling stained glass windows.  The first two pieces (Call of the Ancestors and Violet Umbrella) focus on love and loss, and the inner understanding and growth that is necessary for both.

“Art allows me to sift through my everyday life and find some sort of order and understanding in it. With each piece of paper I lay and image I create, I’m laying claim to my world, and in that claiming, finding some solace and peace.”


Not Dead Yet

Tick Tock


Buddha In Disguise


The Path




Seated At the Table

SeatedAt the Table

The Embrace


Tic Tac




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Discover Your Inner Child


Happy Hour