Dear Artisan !!

I am proud and honored that you are willing to help us with doing a fundraiser for “SAVE THE CHILDREN - UKRAINE”.
Kids are the most vulnerable elements in our society - not only during a war. As a proud member of the LV Rotary Club After Hours, we have helped so many homeless or mistreated kids here in this country. And we still keeping up by going ahead doing the good deed. But the ongoing war between Russia and the Ukraine has been nagging on me for months. And I would like to help those children, that have lost parents or family or are displaced and traumatized by this ugly war. As a father of two kids - there is nothing more valuable than family.
I have partnered with Lina Kogan to find the right organization to donate that has an effect on what we want.
Here is the idea on how this works between “Save the Children”, the Artist (you) and the Gallery (ART 2 art District and Gallery):
We will attribute all walls for the month of July and maybe the first half of August for the cause “SAVE THE CHILDREN - UKRAINE”. Artists that are paying rent may stay if they contribute to the cause. The whole atrium is available, plus several booths. Each Artist shall submit a 3-5 pieces of art, of which we will choose 2-3 pieces. These pieces will be sold and 20-50% of the sales price will go to Charity. The rest will be split between the Artist and the Gallery.
Here an example:
Sales-Price:                          $1,000.00
Credit card fees: 3,5% =      -     $35.00
Net Sales Price:                       $965.00
Charity Amount - f.e. 30%:   -   $289.50
Rest Sales Price:                      $675.50
Artist:                                        $337.75
Gallery:                                     $337.75
I know it is not the $500 that you would regularly get - but the difference might help a Child in the Ukraine to cope with trauma and loss. And the amount you give - if it is 20% or 30% or 40% or 50% … we take it with you … it is a short term loss - and I promise you it will be a big win for you, me and the kids in Ukraine that we can help.
In case you wish to donate a painting, 100% to “SAVE THE CHILDREN - UKRAINE”, we will put this painting in a 1 month auction online and at the Gallery, for maximum results. Neither we nor you will see $1 of it … else then the credit card or auction fees if they occur.
Now here are a few hints of what we think will be nice to showcase and donate.
1. We do accept all sizes. While we think that medium too big will do better, we are OK to get artwork smaller than 20”x24”.
2. Please use 1 1/2” stretcher bars, they look so much more valuable than 3/4” artwork. Or get a fitting frame at Blick Art/Michaels.
3. We are looking for HAPPY ART - Art that everyone would hang in their house. Dark Art will need to be on the theme.
4. We do not ask you for Artwork in the Ukrainian colors - Blue/Yellow, but you might consider to take an Artwork that has those colors inside.
5. Pricing needs to be consistent with your website or Social Media Posts. There can not be a lower price anywhere else. If a customer points that out - we do reserve the right to use that price.
6. Please send all your friends and followers to buy your Artwork for the Charity … you and we should be proud of being part of “SAVE THE CHILDREN - UKRAINE”.
If you have any questions - don’t hesitate to call me at 702-918-8199
Heiko Katins